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I'm 33 years old and I guess I've been a computer geek since I got my first computer on my 10th birthday (a Commodore 64). Started using Linux based operating systems more than 15 years ago (1992), later I moved on to other flavours of UNIX and then back to Linux again.

While studying at the University I was actively involved in the computer society there, both in administrative positions and as a system administrator (UNIX systems; Linux, Solaris, Ultrix, etc).

I also worked within the student union doing course evaluation and worked as a student representative on the board responsible for the D programme (see below).

I'm a quick learner and enjoy learning new things. I work well both as an individual as well as within a team and help things get done. Since a few years back I've also had a lot of experience of people management, a challenging aspect but one that I've enjoyed working with.

All skills below are listed in order of proficiency/experience. The list isn't exhaustive.


[2009-02-01 --> now] Head of the Server department at Vodafone Location Services, Malmö, Sweden. After Vodafone acquired Wayfinder Systems early 2009 I still have the same responsibilites as before but added to them is being heavily involved in the different integration workstreams as well as designing, setting up and migrating to a new server cluster dedicated to Vodafone customers. At the end of 2009 the server development team almost doubled in size and my role became dedicated to being the line manager of the team and also the Scrum product owner of the LBS platform. Major tasks was high level estimation of features, architecting new functionality, release planning and coordination with the other Scrum teams within Location Services.

[2007-03-01 --> 2009-02-01] Head of the Server department at Wayfinder Systems AB, Lund, Sweden. Responsible for the development team for the distributed LBS server platform written in C++ as well as the team responsible for implementing and maintaining our production Linux clusters running the LBS platform, web applications, billing system integrations etc. Principal architect for our overall server solution with requirements to be highly available and scalable. Hands-on work was mostly related to configuration management and complex system administration tasks.

[2005-12-01 --> 2007-03-01] Senior Software Engineer; Team Lead Service Delivery at Wayfinder Systems AB, Lund, Sweden. A mix of software development and team lead responsibility for the team designing, implementing and running our production Linux clusters running the Wayfinder LBS platform, web applications, billing system integrations etc. Principal architect for our overall server solution that needs to be highly available and scalable.

[2001-03-01 --> 2005-12-01]Software Engineer at Wayfinder Systems AB, Lund, Sweden. I spent most of my time doing software development, mainly work on our distributed LBS platform written in C++ but also other development work in clients/frontends including web. I was responsible for the production Linux clusters running the server system, a role which also included documentation, technical contact for customers, 2nd/3rd line customer support, server deployment and training.

[2000-05-01 --> 2001-03-01]System Administrator at Itinerary Systems AB (which became Wayfinder Systems AB), Lund, Sweden. The first year at at Itinerary consisted mostly of sysadmin related work; Linux and Windows NT. Among the things I did was development and implementation of an unattended install of Windows NT Workstation including an update to Windows 2000 Professional. Done work on automated Linux installations (Red Hat based). Designed and implemented a client management system for doing automatic inventory and software updates. Also worked with: Internet Connection/DNS/Web servers (mostly Intranet, also developed most of the Intranet services), file servers, backup system, network infrastructure, phone system, etc.

[1997-09-01 --> 2000-04-30] employed as a Systems Engineer at AstraZeneca R&D Lund, Sweden. I worked in the Infrastructure section of the central IT Department. The section performed day-to-day operations of the server and network environment, handled infrastructure development and 2nd/3rd line support, etc. I managed all UNIX platforms at the site (AIX, Solaris, Irix, Compaq Tru64). I was also involved with NT administration to some degree, mostly interoperability issues.

Former employments are limited to short periods; worked summers as computer technician/administrator at various places. Worked part-time during high school (gymnasiet) with administration of the local network.


Computer related, general

Operating Systems, primary:
Linux (CentOS/Red Hat/Fedora mostly), AIX, Solaris, Irix, Ultrix, Digital UNIX/Compaq Tru64, *BSD.

Operating Systems, others:
Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows 95/98, Windows 3.x, MS-DOS, OS/2, VMS/OpenVMS, Novell Netware 3.x.

Computer related, Programming

C, C++, Perl, PHP, Java, shell scripting (sh/ksh), Python, Simula, Pascal.

UNIX (mainly Linux, Solaris, cygwin), CGI/web related, J2ME/MIDP, some Symbian (Series 60), MS-DOS, some Win32.

Cloud based computing. Client/Server network applications, multithreaded/forking applications, database driven applications including database design (SQL), work on compiler implementation (incl optimizing based on SSA) during university courses.

APIs & tools:
Amazon S3, EC2, SQS. MySQL (C, Perl, PHP), Solr/Lucene (mostly Lucene spatial with LocalSolr), PostgreSQL (C), Oracle (C/OCI), gcc toolchain, MS Visual Studio, NetBeans for Java.

XML/XSL, HTML, RXML (Roxen built-in scripting language), PostScript.

Computer related, System Administration

Networked Services:
Web servers (Apache, Roxen, Netscape), DNS (BIND/named), mail (sendmail), SNMP, NIS, SOAP/WSDL, NIS+, LDAP, SSH, Kerberos, FTP, SMB (Samba), NFS

Network Monitoring:
Nagios (Netsaint), Ganglia cluster monitoring tool, cricket, mrtg, Sysload.

Network Technology:
TCP/IP, IPX, Network Topology; repeaters, switches, routers. Working experience with Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, FDDI (over fiber and copper). Setup and administration of firewalls, including DNAT and IPSec.

Backup: rsync, Knox Arkeia, Legato Networker, UNIX tools. NAS/SAN mostly in theory; done evaluation of the major SAN/NAS products in the past, done some work with FC-AL solutions. Worked with storage products from: Digital (Compaq) StorageWorks, Compaq, IBM (including SSA), Clariion (SGI)

Worked with server hardware from Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM, Intel, HP/Compaq. Client hardware from miscellaneous places, including putting together computers from parts, problem diagnostics and repairs.

UNIX/Windows NT/2000/XP interoperability issues. Lots of experience on documentation of operating procedures, change management, documenting server hardware and software, validating systems. Automated installation and configuration of both CentOS/Red Hat/Fedora and Windows NT/2000/XP

Other Skills

Swedish (mother tongue), English (fluent), danish (read/understand spoken language and texts), French (read simple texts), Thai (CEF level A1, including thai script).

Worked with systems with GCP/GLP demands. (Good Clinical Practice/Good Laboratory Practice).

Driver license (Swedish: B-körkort)


"3-årig Naturvetenskaplig linje, Gymnasiet", 4.3 grade average. (Natural Sciences programme (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science) in high school)

Parts of the Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering Programme (the "D" programme) at Lund Institute of Technology. (Påbörjad utbildning vid Lunds Tekniska Högskola, Civilingenjör Datateknik)


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