First look at the TinyDuino

A few days ago I finally got my TinyDuino with various shields, it took a while since I had chosen at least one shield that only recently became available. It’s one of the first projects I backed on Kickstarter actually!

This thing really is tiny! Everything so far has worked out of the box, the motor driver shield will require some soldering of pins that were included but no hurry right now. I loaded the default Arduino blink example and it worked fine, so went ahead and downloaded the examples for the LED shield and the accelerometer shield. Something weird in the LED one though, I couldn’t get it to work properly before I added some debug code. Backing out the debug code showed that doing a Serial.begin() call in setup() made it work. No clue what’s going on there, haven’t used Arduinos at all before. With that working it didn’t take many minutes before I simply had to do a little copy & paste operation to create this little demonstration:

Note that I didn’t have any CR16xx coin batteries available, but that a CR2032 fits well enough. :-)

2 thoughts on “First look at the TinyDuino

  1. Really cool ,I did the same thing .
    Can you post the code I am keen to see how you did it ,if your solution is faster or better than mine :)

  2. I simply took the accelerometer sample and copied the LedOn() function and the setup needed from the LED example. Then in loop() I changed the delay to 50 instead of a 100 and above it I added:

    int led = (-AccelX + 256) / 32;

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