Wii – First Impressions

Today my perseverance finally paid off, I managed to get hold of a Nintendo Wii! Unfortunately they were out of extra remotes but at least I got a copy of the new Zelda game as well. After getting everything connected, setting up the wireless network connection and letting the small box update itself I played around a bit with the Wii Shop and the Opera browser, which actually works remarkably well for browsing on a (non-HD) TV.

Then I inserted the Wii Sports disc.

It’s now 2 hours later and I realized that I’m hooked already. Baseball and Golf sucks. Boxing wasn’t as much fun as I thought, but it will probably help if I can figure out the controls properly instead of madly waving the remote and nunchuck in the air and getting smacked in the face by the cable… But Bowling is great and Tennis is brilliant! Normally playing any computer or console games isn’t something I do very often. I have an Xbox but it’s rarely used for anything else than Xbox Media Center (which really rocks BTW), but I definitely enjoyed playing on the Wii! The closest experience to the Wii that I’ve had before is probably Dance Dance Revolution. Someone could create completely insane stuff if they were to combine a dance mat with the Wii remote and nunchuck…

Tomorrow I’ll try to find a copy of Rayman Raving Rabbids and another remote, there seems to be a few of each in stock in some stores close by so I have high hopes. And of course I’ll have to spend some time with Zelda as well, but it might not be until Sunday since Saturday is almost fully booked with other activities.

The Wii concept is so far at least a 9 on a scale from 1 to 10! I have high hopes for Rayman, it seems like it could be quite a crazy multi-player game!